A less expensive way to have a Crystal clear guitar !
We've had a whole lot of requests to sell our bodies alone . The Crystal body is a custom designed configuration made to work only with a specific neck configuration . So you can't just slap-on a common neck and make it work . Now we are offering you another option
Made of the same material as a Crystal Guitar , but designed to fit the neck of your guitar . Made to duplicate the shape of the original as close as possible using our standard 1 1/4" thick acrylic
You can buy a new guitar from any of these companies for $130 - $180 each , at volume guitar stores around the country . Now you can buy a Crystal Copy of that guitar for $750 ea. and build your own Crystal Guitar .
WOW !!! Is that a great deal or what ? Ofcourse it's not a real Crystal Guitar , but if you can't afford the real thing , theres nothing better than a copy !

computer enhanced photo , actual body may be different

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